Job: Upper School Library Media/Innovation Specialist for NSU University School

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Upper School Library Media/Innovation Specialist for NSU University School

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School Media Specialist

Position DOES NOT require a Master's degree from an ALA accredited program.


Primary Purpose:

The library media/innovation specialist’s responsibilities center around creating a foundation for lifelong learning by providing the leadership and expertise required to develop, implement, and direct a student-centered learning and media/innovation center that is aligned with the NSU University School’s philosophy. The specialist works collaboratively with faculty, students, and administration to create learning experiences that ensure students are effective users of information and ideas.  The library media/innovation specialist provides resources and activities for learning that represent a diversity of experiences, opinions, and social and cultural perspectives, and supports the concept that intellectual freedom and access to information are essential to developing effective and responsible global citizens. The library media/innovation specialist needs to be knowledgeable about current research on teaching and learning, and skilled in accessing, evaluating, and using information from multiple resources. This position plays a unique and vital role in helping students, teachers, and other school officials in developing the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that are crucial for preparing our students to succeed in our ever-changing interconnected world.

Essential Job Functions:

1.       Provide intellectual access to information through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum and that help all students achieve information literacy by developing effective learning strategies for selecting, retrieving, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, creating, and communicating information in all formats and in all content areas of the curriculum.

2.       Provide learning experiences that encourage students and others to become discriminating consumers and skilled creators of information, and help students develop an understanding of ethical use of information through comprehensive instruction related to the full range of communications media and technology.

3.       Create and facilitate innovative instructional approaches and activities for classroom teachers to integrate technology into their weekly lessons through modeling and collaborative teaching that contribute to lifelong learning while accommodating a wide range of differences in teaching and learning styles, methods, interests and capacities.

4.       Provide leadership and guidance for effectively applying principles of best practice in technology and instructional design to the use of instructional and information technology for learning.

5.       Plan, administer, and supervise the media/innovation program by developing policies for efficient operation and optimal service.

6.       Provide physical access to information through a carefully selected and systematically organized local collection of diverse learning resources.

7.       Promote reading, information literacy skills, and information resources use through activities ranging from book clubs, reading initiatives, and other special events.

8.       Promote STEM related activities ranging from innovation lunches/days to passion projects to Hour of Code.

9.       Inventory library books, curriculum materials, equipment, and other materials for the purpose of tracking current library books and equipment; maintain electronic library resources and perform routine and preventive maintenance of library books and media; coordinate repairs and upgrades of library/media equipment/materials.

10.   Manage staff, budgets, equipment, and facilities; keep records of all expenditures; inventory the media resources annually, evaluate the collection, weed out obsolete and worn materials, and update the catalog and inventory records.

11.   Perform other duties as assigned. 

Marginal Job Functions:        

Demonstrates commitment to implement a humanistic philosophy in working with students. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:        

1.       Expertise in implementing a wide variety of effective instructional technology tools and understanding of best practices in technology integration.

2.       Experience in planning and facilitating professional development for faculty.

3.       Ability to build and manage collections that include diverse formats; plan, implement and administer a media/innovation program; design, conduct and evaluate learning activities that teach information literacy, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills.

4.       Expertise in information resources, library management systems, current and emerging instructional technologies, and knowledge of current educational trends and teaching practices.

5.       Ability to move equipment and materials on carts, and stand and speak for prolonged periods of time. 

6.       Ability to listen, write, and communicate effectively.

7.       Ability to work in a team setting.


Required Education:   Bachelor's Degree 

1. Experience working with 6-12 students in STEM activities.

2. Experience working with and troubleshooting technology devices. 

Preferred Qualifications:  Florida Certification as a media specialist. 


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Open Until Filled

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  • School Media Centers

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NSU University School

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Southeast Florida

3375 SW 75th Ave

Fort Lauderdale



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NSU University School

3375 SW 75th Ave

Fort Lauderdale



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Brett Scaglione

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How to apply

If interested, please send your resume and other documents to Dr. Brett Scaglione, Director of Media and Instructional Technology at:

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