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Learning Resource Manager

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School Media Specialist

Position REQUIRES a Master's degree from an ALA accredited program.


The Learning Resource Center Manager maintains and develops a Learning Resource Center that provides print and online student resource materials for all programs offered at the school. The LRC Manager provides on campus and remote assistance to students via the library content management system and virtual reference. The LRC Manager also maintains faculty resource materials to enhance instructor skills, offers assistance to students who are doing research projects or studying to pass licensure exams, and ensures that resource materials are available online for use in all classrooms and at home.

  • Abide by the policies and procedures of the institutions.
  • Serve as the Hybrid Coordinator for all students as a resource for their LMS portion of their studies.
  • Assist the Dean of Nursing and Director of Education as needed for various administrative tasks
  • Contribute to the development of the program’s philosophy, objectives, and services, and assure fulfillment of standards of all accreditation and regulatory agencies.
  • Promote positive image and reputation of the LRC Program and all programs at the institutions.
  • Work in collaboration with other MS-credentialed LRC Managers and the National LRC Director on LRC program projects.
  • Work independently on projects for the LRC national program.
  • Conduct student LRC orientation sessions for all incoming students, both in person and online.
  • Provide information literacy training sessions for all students.
  • Provide in class, in LRC, and online instructional sessions and workshops on specialty topics including searching individual databases, critical thinking, time management, citation and reference, subject searches, or topics as needed by the student body of the institution.
  • Conduct group or individual orientation sessions for new faculty at the start of each term including training in LRC resources.
  • Mentor and provide direction to the LRC Technician and / or work study students.
  • Work directly with faculty to determine resources needed to complement instructional delivery, to support the curriculum, and to provide relevant student learning experiences.
  • Provide support to faculty – reference services (including literature searches) to include preparing bibliographies to support lesson planning, professional activities, research, and faculty development.
  • Assist students and faculty with implementation of new instructional technologies.
  • Manage the physical LRC collection including collection development, acquisition, review and de-selection of materials, assessment with faculty input, and physical processing and maintenance of volumes.
  • Maintain the online library catalog.
  • Monitor the LRC to ensure that all users are finding the information that they need, and are able to use resources appropriately.
  • Conduct annual inventory.
  • Attend Faculty meetings, Curriculum Committee meetings, and participate in professional development programs with the faculty and LRC Managers.
  • Provide input to accreditation submissions related to library and information resources and technology, review documents related to the LRC to be submitted to accrediting bodies for accuracy, and conduct tours and information sessions during accreditation site visits.
  • Plan and conduct twice annual LRC Advisory Board meetings.
  • Provide input to annual budget development for the LRC Program.
  • Administer library assessment methods, collect data, and summarize and communicate results, including RefAnalytics, patron counts, and others metrics per the LRC assessment policies.
  • Attend online Learning Resource Center Manager meetings.
  • Maintain regular and reliable attendance.
  • Provide input to updating and maintaining the LRC online resources.
  • Maintain the appropriate LibGuides.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Master’s Degree in Library Science Required
  • Comfort level with IT hardware
  • Proficiency in library software
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills


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Open Until Filled

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  • Academic Libraries
  • Institutional Libraries
  • Other
  • School Media Centers
  • Special Libraries

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Fortis Institute

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Northwest Florida

4081 E Olive Rd B




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Fortis Institute

4081 E Olive Rd B




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Amanda Ross

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